70-542 – Done!

Couple of days ago I had 70-542 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Application Development exam. It wasn’t one of easiest exams I have ever had but now it is done and I am certified SharePoint developer. 🙂

Professional SharePoint 2007 Development70-542 covers mostly MOSS2007 Standard and Enterprise features and there are not only common questions but you must also know things on code level. I found surprisingly few information from internet about this exam, but I got one good friend – Professional SharePoint 2007 Development. This book is almost all you need to get 70-542 done. I will write more about this book soon, so stay tuned!

I have also another advice you should take seriously. To get 70-542 done you have to try out how server features work. Just put up your copy of SharePoint Server and try everything out by your own hands. Also try to write some code and see how things work and what you can do on code level. After this you should be ready to take 70-542 exam.

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21 thoughts on “70-542 – Done!

  • kamii47 says:

    Congratulation Gunnar

  • Gunnar says:

    Thanks 🙂

  • Jonathan Herschel says:

    Thanks for the tip on 2007 SP Dev book! Congrats.

  • Trika says:

    Congratulations, Gunnar

  • Gunnar says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Gunnar says:

    70-541 is about WSS3.0 and 70-542 is about MOSS 2007. WSS3.0 is base of SharePoint. MOSS2007 is built on WSS3.0 and adds there a lot of features. If you need a certificate about your skills in SP then 70-541 should be enough. 70-542 has a lot of questions about enterprise features too, so if you are MOSS 2007 developer you should take both of these exams. I think so 🙂

  • jericho says:


    I’m preparing for this exam and I’m really thankful for a hint about book!!

  • al says:

    can you please send me brain dumps or any helpful material (like practise exams) for exam 70-542 at karimiz80@yahoo.com

    I would greatly appreciate your help!

  • Gunnar says:

    I have no practice exams for 70-542. You can check out what is needed from exam home page. I used only the book mentioned above to get prepared for 70-542.

  • san says:

    congratzz…..what is the answer to the drag and drop question.?

  • Gunnar says:

    I don’t understand your question, san. Maybe you can be more specific? 🙂

  • Qubert says:

    Thanks for the tip – I’ll check that book out

  • Affi says:


    Do you know is there any book from Microsoft specially designed for this exam??


  • Gunnar says:

    Hi Affi!

    I am not sure what kind of study books there are or learning kits. I just had this book I mentioned and I had not time enough to wait for deliveries by Amazon. 🙂

  • Chintan says:

    How much time it will take to prepare for the exam?

  • Gunnar says:

    Hi Chintan!

    For me it took about three days to learn. Just tried all stuff I was not familiar with and made those things work on my test machine. After that the exam was not very hard. 🙂

  • sandy says:

    I am having 3+ yrs of exp in ASP.NET and SQL Server

    If we want to start my carrier in SharePoint which would be the better option:

    whether as a:

    Sharepoint Administrator


    Sharepoint Developer

  • Gunnar says:

    Thanks for question, sandy! As rhis exam is not easy one you should at least make through all examples you get so you know how things work also at code level. If you experiences already it makes things only simpler.

  • Duncan says:

    Just took 70-542 and failed (54%) – a word of warning to people, if you’re not good with code, you definately need to read to books – the practice exam questions you can buy from the Internet only feautre in about 25% of the questions – the rest is stuff I’d never seen before and frankly didn’t have a clue about.

  • Gunnar says:

    Yes, Duncan, this exam is not simple one and it is strongly recommended that besides of reading study materials you also play with code so you know how things work on API level. Also you should know BDC very well because there are questions about it too. And – of course – search technologies.

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