I-Don’t-Care Anti-Pattern

It is easy to find articles and blog entries about patterns, design and good practices. But there are not so much information about anti-patterns. One of the worst anti-patterns is what I call I-Don’t-Care Anti-Pattern.

We have all seen systems that work and then discovered that code is like spaghetti or some other way hardly manageable. Even worst programmer usually has his or her own style of writing code and that guarantees that there is some coding styles we can find. Making code better is hard work of course but at least there is some order between the chaos.

In my humble opinion the worst practice ever is to make things somehow working so nobody has a vision about what things are done and what things are unfinished. No matter how hard one may try to find the order – there is only chaos. I can survive bad code but I am always sure that code that follows I-Don’t-Care Anti-Pattern causes huge time losses.

Where are these time losses come from? Well, if there is something that works somehow we have to find out what is working and what is not working. And things that aretold us to be working things need also checking – there may be some chaos behind the order. Why some people code this way – I don’t know.

Why to avoid this pattern? At first you may be the first victim of this pattern. It may happen couple of months after delivering the system. Somebody has to make updates later. If other coders cannot read and manage the code normally and the author of code is there then he or she is the one who gets the task to make things work normally. But if author is not there then some other coder gets nasty and very unmotivating task to do.

How do you write your code is strictly your and your team’s business but as human beings we shouldn’t make this kind of gifts to other people we are working with.

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