TechEd 2008 Developers – Workflow Foundation 4.0

TechEd 2008 DevelopersWindows WorkFlow Foundation 4.0 has some new cool things to offer. I visited one of David Chappell sessions where he told us about "Dublin", "Oslo" and WF 4.0. It was very interesting session and I got all information I expected.

I also digged some information from web and here is the list of main new features of 4.0.

  • Development of workflows is easier than before.
  • WF 4.0 has new workflow designer.
  • There will be new activities available (data accessing activities, PowerShell commands).
  • New workflow type – Flowchart. Flowchart is simpler than state-machine workflow and more complex than sequential workflow. It is something between those two.
  • All aspectes of workflow can be represented declaratively. This is achieved by using XAML as workflows mark-up language.
  • Performance of WF 4.0 should be very good when comparing to previous versions.

You can find some very good reading about WF 4.0 from Rick Garibay’s blog: WF 4.0: Big Changes Ahead and More on WF 4.0. WF 4.0 ships with Visual Studio 2010.

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