SharePoint jQuery deployment feature

After reading Jan Tielen’s blog entries Integrating SharePoint 2007 and jQuery Part One and Part Two I wrote a simple SharePoint solution on Visual Studio 2008 that installs jQuery scripts to SharePoint.


  • Deploys jQuery standard and minified versions to SharePoint site.
  • Deployment script activates only Packed version, so you don’t get three parallel versions of jQuery activated at same time.
  • Features use AdditionalPageHead Delegate control and you don’t have to modify any page or master page to get scripts included.



Beofre deployment change the URL of SharePoint site in setup.bat. When using source don’t forget to change deployment URL under project properties Build tab.


There is no licence from me. Feel free to download the source and deployment package and modify these how you like. jQuery is under MIT Lince, so don’t break the rules of this licence. Enjoy! 🙂

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