SharePoint: why are my custom content type forms empty?

Okay, this is the hit of the month for me. Well, we had to use custom forms with some content types. Everything went fine until all those custom forms showed up empty. No errors on screen, no errors in log files, no errors in event log. Also diagnostic messages were not helpful. But … solution was simple.

To get some idea about those forms check out an article called Creating Custom Form Templates from MSDN Library. If you are already familiar with those forms then you should know that there are templates like this:

<SharePoint:RenderingTemplate ID="AssignmentEditForm" runat="server">
—Template Body --

On MSDN article referred above you can see how those forms are bound to content type definitions. Now there is a little trick we discovered. You must have all those forms defined in user controls otherwise custom forms doesn’t show up. You can see just a blank form with no controls.

It seems to affect only the content types that came with same feature. Controls from some other feature will still work. To help other guys out with these time wasting horror I end this blog entry with something that robots like to eat.

SharePoint content type custom form empty blank problem

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2 thoughts on “SharePoint: why are my custom content type forms empty?

  • Yngrid Coello says:

    I’m facing this problem and i don’t understand very well the solution. I’m kind of new in SP and the official documentation is a little complicated sometimes.
    could you give me more information about this?
    I’m working with SP2013

  • admin says:

    Make SharePoint logs more verbose and find lines mentioning content type’s control. Somewhere near these lines you should also find at least something about problem.

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