SharePoint and Windows Live Authentication

In one of my SharePoint projects I had to implement authentication using Windows Live ID. I’m too lazy to code all this stuff from zero if it is possible to find already working solutions. I found out that Community Kit for SharePoint has something for me – Windows Live Authentication 1.0. After some hacking everything started to work.

Some notes about problems I faced.

  1. There are some problems with hardcoded names. Instead of names that are always same regardless of language these hardcoded names are the ones that have translations in different languages. Custom list template and title field were the problematic ones. You can fix those names in WindowsLiveAuthStsAdmCommand.cs file.
  2. After installing and restarting IIS I got still redirected to usual FBA login form. You can find solution from Click Mice, Unclick Mice blog entry Known Issues: Prompted with SharePoint Forms login.
  3. There is one problem – instead of user display name SharePoint shows user ID given my Live ID service. This far I haven no solution to this problem. I hope I can solve this issue during next days.
  4. There is one missing feature – after joining there is no SharePoint user created. I’m not sure what the problem is but it seems to me that it is some additional coding work that has to be done. If I find solution to these problems I will update this blog entry.

You can find pretty cool setup guide from Rolf Eleveld’s blog entry Using Windows Live ID as Membership Provider. While I am making things work like expected all tips about this topic are welcome here.

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