SharePoint: COMException 0x81020069

A little mystery when updating publishing pages: page is checked out, some attributes are changed and now I want to update this page. All I get is error that even Google has never seen before: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x81020069). As I got error message in my own language I try to translate it: Attributes of checked out and orphan regime document cannot be edited. To edit attributes you have to use special software for this type of file.

This error is given when I do publishingPage.Upedate(); To get around this error try out this code: publishingPage.SystemUpdate(false); You can read more about SystemUpdate method from my blog entry How to Update SharePoint List Items without Creating New Versions. I am not still very sure why this error appears and how to handle it correctly. This solution is basically another nasty hack that works. So be aware.

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