Getting access to database installed by SharePoint 2010 single server install

After performing single server installation of SharePoint 2010 you have new SQL Server instance called SHAREPOINT running on your server. You can access it using Management Studio but you cannot do practically nothing with this instance if you are logged in as domain user to this machine. You have to add your domain account to server admin role so you can manage this SQL Server.

Chris Randall has very good step-by-step guide that helps you add your account to SQL Server server admin role: SQL Server 2008: Forgot to add an administrator account?

Some notes. You should call sp_addsrvrolemember with additional argument for role name. Otherwise you will get error: ‘(null)’ is not a fixed server role. So, correct call that works is something like this:

sp_addsrvrolemember @loginame=’user’, @rolename=’sysadmin’

This situation is not usual and usually you don’t face this problem.

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