10 interactive SharePoint 2010 labs by Microsoft

Microsoft has published some simple and nice interactive labs under title Build a better app that help you to get started with SharePoint 2010 development on Visual Studio 2010. Each lab should take about 15 minutes of your valuable time.

Here’s the list of labs:

  1. Designing Lists and Schemas
  2. Developer Roadmap
  3. Developing Sandboxed Solutions
  4. Enterprise Content Management
  5. LINQ to SharePoint
  6. User Interface (UI) Enhancements
  7. Visual Studio SharePoint Tools
  8. SharePoint 2010 Best Practices
  9. Upgrading a VSeWSS Project to Visual Studio
  10. Installing and Upgrading Custom Solutions

If you take all this labs then 2-3 hours of your life should be very interesting.

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