New scaffolding for web projects with Visual Studio 2013 Preview

Visual Studio 2013 Preview introduces new scaffolding engine with code-name “Artery” for ASP.NET projects. The new engine allows to gather together all general and project specific scaffoldings and it seems to me like Artery will be the framework that gathers under same roof all scaffolding support in future.

If you have some ASP.NET project – it doesn’t matter is Forms or MVC – opened in Visual Studio you can use new scaffolding menu to add new items to project. Just right click on project or on folder where you want to add new item and select Scaffold… from menu.

Visual Studio 2013: Add scaffold

The richest selection of scaffolds is available for ASP.NET MVC.

Visual Studio 2013: Select scaffold

For ASP.NET Web API we have some additional scaffolds like show here.

Visual Studio: Scaffolds for ASP.NET Web API

When selecting scaffold and clicking add the item based on selected scaffold will be created. Currently new scaffolding engine works only with web applications.

No shortcuts to views anymore

It seems that there are no shortcuts for creating and going to views in code editor available anymore. It’s possible that Microsoft is working things around but in Visual Studio 2013 Preview those nice shortcuts are gone.

Sniffing around

Besides ASP.NET scaffolds there are also Enitity Framework ones available. Scaffolds are T4 templates and they are controlled by their specific DLL-s. You can find ASP.NET MVC 5 scaffolds from folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Microsoft\Web\Mvc\Scaffolding\Templates\MvcAreaScaffolder

I found some scaffolding related DLL-s too and as I’m not strong on Visual Studio IDE extensions it takes me some time to find out how things work.


Artery seems to me like good and generic way to bring scaffolding to Visual Studio on generic level. Although it’s all new and there’s not much information available yet about Artery I hope that for RTM release Artery is documented and usable also for other developers around the globe.

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7 thoughts on “New scaffolding for web projects with Visual Studio 2013 Preview

  • Cyrus Neah says:

    Gathering all the scaffolding support in one area seems definitely useful.

  • Gunnar says:

    Yes. And it would be cool if they extend scaffolding to other project types too and make it easily customizable. Or if it is not easy thing to do then at least for class libraries I see here huge potential.

  • Dan says:

    Nice, thanks for pointing to where the MVC5 scaffolding templates live. I was looking in the typical ItemTemplates directory and was pulling my hair out. Thanks a ton!

  • Nit: “Artery” is not the codename for the scaffolding framework. “Artery” is the technology now known as BrowserLink. I don’t know if the scaffolding engine actually had a codename.

  • Gunnar says:

    When I wrote this post then all materials said that “Artery” is name of new scaffolding mechanism.

  • Ney says:

    In The Name Of GOD
    Do Patterns of Unit Of Work is implemented in the new version?

  • Justin Woods says:

    Thanks for the post dear. I do appreciate this one.

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