My MVP continued

MVPDuring my autumn trip to Balkans I got one fancy e-mail from Microsoft – my MVP title is continued. This means that my sixth year as MVP has started. As for every other MVP year I have some plans and some goals to achieve. Here’s short overview of my new MVP year.

Last year as MVP was pretty much silent but in private life I had a revolution – I’m now father of one very cute little nortern girl and my life has changed forever. This year I plan to be much more active in public space and I try to take some new challenges:

  • more blog posts about general topics on software development (architecture, patterns, stable and legacy code, project management),
  • more blog posts about internals of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Pages,
  • improving highly my presentations (examples and slides),
  • more activity in ASP.NET forums,
  • more meetings with foreign communities all over the Europe.

I think these few points are enough action for me for this MVP year. Cheers!

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