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Sinergija13Only few weeks are left before Sinergija13 conference starts in Belgrade, Serbia. As organizers chose me as one of speakers I have some presentations to do there and it would be nice to see you all there.

I will be at Belgrade 21.10, day before the event. Both of my presentations are at 23.10, so I have a great chance to go to listen other MVP-s speaking about my favorite topics this time. Those of you who come and have specific questions to cover during my presentations feel free to ask your questions here.

Architecting ASP.NET applications

Architecture of ASP.NET applications has been my favorite topic over years as I have to carry also the role of architect. This presentation is about architectural side of web applications and, of course, it crosses the borders of web applications because web application is often just one piece in big picture.

As this presentation is directly based on my everyday’s work it comes directly from real life. No, there is no company called Contoso or AdventureWorks. All the stuff is based on real problems and challenges I have faced. Target audience for this session are expert level developers and architects of ASP.NET web applications.

Office365 in software company practice

Starting a company and choosing right tools to support business is always not very easy thing to do. Many things can go wrong and not all decisions about tools and platforms are good one. Also we find ourselves suddenly dealing some big internal development project that is lead by our expectations about the growth of company.

My presentation is based on my own experiences – how SharePoint is supporting my business and how I have helped my customers to start using SharePoint as a platform to support their business. Target audience are business owners and managers with technical background who want to solve everyday’s business problems using modern SharePoint platform for this.

See you all at Sinergija13! 🙂

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