Speaking at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp, Sofia

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaker at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at Sofia, Bulgaria this year. I have two real-life based presentations there (you know well I don’t like those hello-world-presentations) and I have some valuable field information plus real-life code to share with you. Here’s few words about my presentations.

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp 2014 @ Sofia

My presentations focus heavily on my own experiences with Windows Azure and this time I have really professional content prepared for you. First presentation gives you good idea how to move applications to Azure and how to build new ones with cloud environment in mind. My second presentation will show you real-life SaaS portal hosted on Windows Azure and we make deep dive to technical aspects of this portal. It’s real deal, guys – no single hello-world-sample!

  1. Porting ASP.NET applications to Windows Azure
    Hosting applications on Windows Azure is simple but there are things to change when cloud-enabling existing web applications because cloud is conceptually different than on-premises or shared hosting environment. This sessions goes through main issues one will face when moving applications to cloud.
  2. Building SaaS portals on ASP.NET and Windows Azure
    Windows Azure is rich and flexible cloud service that introduces new software developing and hosting scenarios that were impossible or technically complex and expensive before. This session is deep-dive overview of  one real-life SaaS portal service that is build on ASP.NET and is hosted on Windows Azure.

See you all in Sofia, my friends!

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