My second session at KulenDayz 2014

Organizers of KulenDayz contacted me and asked for one more presentation. Their choice takes you to the engine on SaaS-based portals running on Windows Azure. As this presentation is based on real-life experiences I think it’s valuable source of information for those who are planning something more complex on Windows Azure. Here’s the short overview of this presentation.

This presentation is titled as Building SaaS portals on ASP.NET and Windows Azure. Topics covered:

  • Overview of cloud environment and cloud services
  • How simple web application evolved to SaaS portal
  • Short overview of real-life service that is running on Windows Azure
    Architecture of SaaS portal
  • Portals topology
  • Deployments to cloud
  • Worse mistakes we made
  • Challenges, problems, solutions

If you plan to come to Windows Azure with some serious stuff then be there and attend at my presentation.

See you at KulenDayz!

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