Wikis are coming to Visual Studio Team Services

Finally wikis are coming to Visual Studio Team Services. It was announced by Microsoft DevOps Blog earlier this month. Currently wikis are in preview status. This blog post is short overview of what is there and what is coming next.

In my practice wikis are one of the best option to share loosely structured information between team members. It’s easy to document system features and also write notes about the specifics of system. I have used wikis available in CodePlex, SharePoint and Github. Also I have some experiences with Confluence by Atlassian. Now wikis come to Visual Studio Team Services and TFS.

Wikis in Visual Studio Team Services

In brief, this is how wikis look in Visual Studio Team Services.

Visual Studio Team Services: Wiki

Pages can be structured to hierarchy. It’s a little bit like what we have with OneNote. Basic editing features are available with more to come with first stable version. In preview there is also support for Markdown and pages are versioned. It’s possible to compare different versions of pages and see what was changed.

There are some new features coming like support for tags, integration with work items and better support for rich editing.

You can find out more from Microsoft DevOps Blog post Announcing public preview of Wiki in Visual Studio Team Services.

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2 thoughts on “Wikis are coming to Visual Studio Team Services

  • Howard Richards says:

    I tried out the Wiki extension that this technology is built on earlier this year. My old Wiki test is still there as well as the new Wiki – am I okay to delete/remove the old Wiki extension?

  • Gunnar says:

    I don’t know what are the consequences when deleting. Before doing it port your wiki content over to new wiki.

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