Visit to SharePoint User Group Finland

My first self organized trip this autumn was visit to SharePoint User Group Finlandcommunity evening. As active community leaders who make things like these possible they are worth mentioning and on side there was Jussi Roine the one who invited me. Here is my short review about my trip to Helsinki.

Session I plan to visit at TechEd Europe 2012

TechEd 2012 at Europe is on next week. As I’m going there I already took a look at sessions and made my own favorites list of these. For every time slot I selected more than one session because if one session is not what I’m expecting I can always go to another.

CodePlex supports Windows Live Writer!

I am documenting local community portal that is hosted in CodePlex. Wikis have always been annoying for me when it comes to creating a good content. So, I was preparing for boring evening full of wiki mark-up and messing with good format, manual image uploads etc. But CodePlex surprised me today – it’s wiki supports Windows Live Writer!

Sinergija10 – We were all in (Beograd, Srbija)

This week I visited conference called Sinergija10 that took place in Belgrade, Serbia. Thanks to Microsoft Estonia who organized my trip there! Sinergija10 was very good surprise to me and I am really considering it as one of Microsoft’s top conferences in Europe. Yes, I think it is at least same cool conference as TechEd EMEA. Here is my overview of event and some of my thoughts about Sinergija and communities in area. For guys who are planning to visit Europe events I think Sinergija is event to visit for sure.

Overview of my MVP year

Another MVP year is over. Today I sent my activity report to my MVP lead and in October it should be clear if my MVP will be continued or not. I hope it will continued, of course. Now it is time to make one little overview about my MVP year that just ended in terms of public activities. It was year full of action and interesting people – something that is hard to forget. You should be proud too – without you there is no MVP program, this blog and many other things. So, feel yourselves as part of action!

Notes from Rafal Lukawiecki business analysis sessions

Last week Rafal Lukawiecki visited Estonia and I was lucky enough to find time for two sessions in my pretty tight schedule. All Rafal’s sessions were about Business Intelligence (BI) at Microsoft platform. This posting contains few notes I made for myself. Maybe you can find some interesting facts here too.

My MVP continued!

Couple of days ago I got e-mail with good news: my ASP/ASP.NET MVP status continues! I am really glad because Microsoft finds my public activities good enough and it gives me certainty that I am moving the right way.

Bookmarks2LiveWriter: Live Writer plug-in for serious bloggers

Bookmarks2LiveWriter is Windows Live Writer plug-in that is targeted to serious bloggers who also publish bookmarks postings. Bookmarks2LiveWriter lets you download bookmarks for given date range from Delicious and inserts them to current posting. Users can remove unwanted bookmarks and format bookmarks list before inserting it. Bookmarks2LiveWriter is released under GPL. Installer and source code […]

Microsoft forums – where they are?

Microsoft has a lot forums in different (community) sites with a lot of topics. In this posting I listed up Microsoft forums, their locations and forum groups (categories under which forums belong). The purpose of this posting is to provide you with important information – where you get help when you have technical problems.

TechEd 2008 Developers – Microsoft data center in Chicago

Although I’m hardware guy I heard some interesting facts about Microsoft data center in Chicago I want to share with you. As I understood this data center will run also Azure services, so it may also be interesting to see some non-official estimates about how much applications can run in this center.

TechEd 2008 Developers – Workflow Foundation 4.0

Windows WorkFlow Foundation 4.0 has some new cool things to offer. I visited one of David Chappell sessions where he told us about “Dublin”, “Oslo” and WF 4.0. It was very interesting session and I got all information I expected.

TechEd 2008 Developers – How to start testing

I visited Roy Osherove session at TechEd 2008 Developers (EMEA) where he spoke about how and why to test software. There was nothing new to me besides couple of things but I want to give you a little overview about the most painful topic for companies and developers – how to start testing. It was the best part of session I think and that’s why I decided to blog about it.

TechEd 2008 – I’ll be there

Developers! Developers! Developers! TechEd 2008 EMEA for developers is coming and I am glad to announce that I’ll be there with all developers from my little company. I hope you are there too!

I am MVP

Just wanted to let you know that I got phone call yesterday evening by Microsoft representative who was happy to say that I am new MVP (ASP.NET). I also got some e-mails from my region’s MVP lead. huh, it is all new to me and I have had no time to check out everything that MVP program has to offer. But there is hell load things learn about new possibilities.

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