How I use OneNote

Over last years new Windows platform with personal cloud services has found its way to my everyday’s life. Maybe one of most important service I use for work and in private life is OneNote. Before going to cloud OneNote was for me digital note paper that had not much use. When OneNote spreaded to web and Windows Phone too it won my attention and I made my bet on it.

My first attempt to blog on Surface RT

One question I had after buying Surface RT was: what about offline blogging? There’s no Live Writer and I have no information about the future of Live Writer. Suddenly I got an idea – but why not to try out Word – the most awful blogging tool I have ever seen. Maybe there have been some progress nd I have right tool here in my machine. So I tried Word and I got massive surprise.

Surface RT–first impressions

Couple months ago I bought Surface RT because I needed some lightweight business supporting thing to take with me sometimes. Carrying ~3kg development laptop is not always fun, specially when you have long days and you need to move from one place to another often. Surface RT turned out to be pretty good investment and here are my first real-life experiences.

Hosting WCF service in Windows Service

When building Windows services we often need a way to communicate with them. The natural way to communicate to service is to send signals to it. But this is very limited communication. Usually we need more powerful communication mechanisms with services. In this posting I will show you how to use service-hosted WCF web service to communicate with Windows service.

Creating gadget-like blocks for Windows Home Server 2011 web add-in user interface

To keep user interface of your Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS) web add-in similar to other parts of UI you may need styled blocks like shown on WHS web interface home page. In this post I will show you HTML mark-up and CSS you need to create your own gadget block.

Setting up Windows Home Server 2011 development environment

For Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS) there are new API-s available you can use to extend WHS web and desktop interfaces. Actually there is no Windows Home Server SDK anymore – now we have common Windows Server Solutions (WSS) SDK that works also for Windows Small Business Server, Windows Storage Server and Windows MultiPoint Server. In this posting I will show you how to create development environment for Windows Home Server 2011.

Just released: WHS YouTube Downloader beta

I just released to Codeplex the first beta of my Windows Home Server 2011 web add-in called WHS YouTube Downloader. Log in to WHS web interface, add YouTube videos to download queue, do something useful while home server downloads videos and watch them later when downloads are done. Sounds easy? Well, okay, it is easy!

Windows Home Server needs new licensing scheme

Fast development of technology and quickly spreading fast internet with new devices and technology open new ways for us to connect our homes with other family members. Windows Home Server is product that needs heavy refresh and one thing that Windows Home Server team must take seriously is changing current very limited licensing scheme. Here is the overview of situation and what needs to be done to get better licensing that fits for families better today.

My next year TOP5 wishlist for Windows media, WP7 and XBox teams in Microsoft

After building up my home network where XBox streams media from Windows Home Server using Windows Media Center I was very happy with my solution. Over weeks and months of active consuming of my media I found a lot of things that need to be improved or fixed. I am still happy but sometimes I’m looking already for alternatives. Here is my TOP5 wishlist for Microsoft people who build consumer media products.

Connecting Windows Home Server to web through two routers

I wanted to get my Windows Home Server configured correctly for web so I have valid certificate by Microsoft and I can use subdomain service they are offering. As my home network is not default that is expected by Windows Home Server (no direct access to router that is connected to web) I had to trick my WHS a little bit. In this posting I will show you how to get Windows Home Server work with Microsoft address ( if it is not connected directly to router that has access to web.

Using DebugView to catch debug output of .NET program

Often asked question: is there any way to gather debug output of .NET program that is running on environment where Visual Studio is not installed? Yes, you can do it and you can do it for free with program called DebugView. Here’s how it works.

GetValue() extension method for RegistryKey class

I needed some elegant method to read registry values in my Live Writer Delicious bookmarks plug-in. RegistryKey has GetValue() method but it returns values as object. I wrote generic version of GetValue() as RegistryKey extension method. It returns you specified value from key and converts it to type you ask. If conversions are not successful then default value of given type will be used.

Windows 7: Links for developers

As Windows 7 is now available to MSDN and TechNet users it is time to give some references for developers who are interested in Windows 7 software development.

Last screen of Windows 7 beta

My Windows 7 Beta is expired. After about two hours of work computer restarts. During restart it shows me the following BSOD.

List of Microsoft training kits

Microsoft training kits are pretty good things to explore when you start learning some new technology. Here are links to some training kits I found to be interesting and useful. Some of these live also in my laptop and when I have free moments I explore them to learn more about these technologies.

Windows 7: Cannot modify some DCOM services settings – help!

I have Windows 7 beta running on my machine. I need to change some settings of IIS WAMREG admin service. Although I am logged in as administrator and I started dcomcnfg under administrative permissions I am not able to modify security settings. What may be the problem?

Visual Studio 2010: How to crash Windows 7

During Visual Studio 2010 testing I found interesting way how to crash Visual Studio 2010 so bad that my Windows 7 needs restart. Just follow these steps.

Running SharePoint on Windows 7

I tried to put up SharePoint development environment on Windows 7 and guess what – I succeeded. I took smaller challenge and installed WSS 3.0 SP2. Of course, you can also install SharePoint Server instead of WSS. On my machine WSS 3.0 uses SQL Server 2008 Express edition as database. For MOSS 2007 you should have SQL Server 2008 Developer edition.

Windows could not be activated

After installing Windows Server 2008 to one of my development server I got the following error: Windows could not be activated.

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