Gunnar Peipman is experienced software developer and active .NET community member from Tallinn, Estonia. Gunnar has grown up with coding and has worked on different Microsoft platforms and technologies right from primary school. Having seen technologies coming, going and evolving Gunnar has deep understanding of Microsoft technologies. Projects with good customers and speaking sessions with software development companies make Gunnar also good project manager and development lead. Frequent travelling and contacts with other cultures help better understand people and working together with them is only fun.


Gunnar is active member of Microsoft communities. Blogging, forums, community evenings, conferences, beer-house talks with local developers – this is part of Gunnar’s everyday life. Due to active participation Gunnar is honored as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since October 2008.

Family and free time

Gunnar is happy father of great cute daughter Ave, step father of two great kids and boyfriend of one nice northern lady.

Hacking together with daughter Ave.

Free time is mostly spent on playing with new technology, blogging, reading, listening to air-shaking heavy metal music and travelling.