Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers

Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers by Michael A. Banks is book that every blogger should read. It is not another book that is just somehow covering popular topic and makes easy money to author. I think this is serious book, really.

Interviews are very interesting. Selected bloggers are very different people and each one of them came to blogging differently. Not all of these people are commercial bloggers, some of them have very popular blogs with no advertisements.

As bloggers are different, so are their blogging tips and tricks different. You can read about many ways how to find audience to your blog, how to write blog postings and how to offer very good reading and community experience to your readers.

One thing they all agree is: blogging is about passion – without it there is no point to keep a blog. I think this book is must-be for every blogger out there!

Table of contents



1. Dave Taylor: The Intuitive Life Business Blog.
2. Chris Anderson: The Long Tail.
3. Gina Trapani: Lifehacker.
4. Ina Steiner: AuctionBytes.
5. Mary Jo Foley: All about Microsoft.
6. David Rothman: TeleRead.
7. Frank Warren: PostSecret.
8. Mike Masnick: Techdirt.
9. Mark Frauenfelder: BoingBoing.net.
10. Robert Scoble: Scobleizer.
11. Peter Rojas: Engadget.
12. John Neff: Autoblog.
13. Ken Fisher: Ars Technica.
14. Deborah Petersen: Life in the Fast Lane.
15. Joel Comm: JoelComm.com.
16. Brian Lam: Gizmodo.
17. Kristin Darguzas: ParentDish.
18. Chris Grant: Joystiq.
19. Scott McNulty: The Unofficial Apple Weblog.
20. Philipp Lenssen: Google Blogoscoped.
21. Brad Hill: Weblogs, Inc.
22. Steve Rubel: Micro Persuasion.
23. Rebecca Lieb: ClickZ.
24. Deidre Woollard: Luxist.
25. Gary Lee: An Internet Marketing Web Site.
26. Richard MacManus: Read/WriteWeb.
27. Eric T.: Internet Duct Tape.
28. Victor Agreda, Jr.: DIY Life.
29. Steve Garfield: Steve Garfield’s Video Blog.
30. Grant Robertson: Download Squad.

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