Speaking at Microsoft Ignite – The Tour 2019, Amsterdam

This week I will speak at Microsoft Ignite – The Tour conference happening at Amsterdam. I have presentations on both days and I’m pushing here to get all things done before my departure. Here’s the short overview of my presentations.

BRK3760 – Working with Vision API Of Microsoft Cognitive Services

Short introduction and practical set of demos introducing computer vision API of Microsoft Cognitive services. Demos cover all important features of vision API and I also give my audience ideas about how to use computer vision services in different industries.

In the end of presentation I show one simple application I built with my students when I organized them one week bootcamp on Azure services. One of main parts of this application are Azure cognitive services. I bet it will be interesting for my audience as I don’t bother my students with highly theoretical things that leave them with knowledge but with no ideas.

For more information visit presentation page: Working with Vision API of Microsoft Cognitive Services

BRK3759 – Multitenant web applications with ASP.NET Core

As cloud is gaining more and more popularity the more and more new applications are built with cloud in mind. Businesses are trying to make out of maximum even from existing applications by selling these as multitenant ones to their customers.

This presentation is based on my work on multitenancy in ASP.NET Core and my goal is to lay out simple but flexible bases for multitenant applications. I will go through all steps I did on my way to working solution. This is technical presentation. It’s technical demo supported by few slides.

On theoretical side I will stop shortly on deployments and worst nightmares happened.

For more information visit presentation page: Multitenant web applications with ASP.NET Core

BRK3761 – Deep-Dive to Azure Search

Our applications handle more data than ever before and search is important – sometimes even central – part of these. Applications today grow out from searches based on SQL queries faster than ever and it’s time to find out what do to when we get to this point. This presentation goes deep to Azure Search and demonstrates how to build fine-tuned search to existing applications. Of course, same knowledge applies also to new applications.

I will start with few words about how we got to Azure Search, what it is technically and how to plan search indeces. Also I will give some advice how to handle some not so good search related demands by customers.

From this point I start building search to existing demo application. I will go through all parts of search and demonstrate how they work. My goal is to guide my audience through process of building search starting from basic things and moving to more complex things. In the end of my demo there’s full-blown search support in demo application I’m using.

I will also make a short stop on questions like automatic search index updating and search monitoring.

For more information visit presentation page: Deep-Dive to Azure Search

BRK3758 – Brewing Eisbock with Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT

Eisbock (ise bock) is one of tricky to brew beers – it seems easy by recipe but it needs advanced skills to make it right. This presentation is showcase based on how I quickly built solution on Microsoft platforms to support monitoring the ice distilling of my first eisbock. I didn’t had much time to build a specialized solution and I went with what Azure cloud has to offer.

In this presentation I will introduce my work and solution. I will describe how I built it up on technical side and what were my options. It was extensive work and those of my audience who fill later some day find themsleves in same kind of rush can re-use my experiences.

On stage I will connect my solution wire by wire, I will show how temperature sensors work, I have also some photos of device in real action. In the end of my presentation I will run demo that shows fasten up freezing process. Demo device will send sensor readings to Azure cloud and we see from different client applications how data is changing.

For more information visit presentation page: Brewing Eisbock with Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT

See you at Amsterdam!

Gunnar Peipman

Gunnar Peipman is ASP.NET, Azure and SharePoint fan, Estonian Microsoft user group leader, blogger, conference speaker, teacher, and tech maniac. Since 2008 he is Microsoft MVP specialized on ASP.NET.

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