New features in C# 7.1

Deep-dive posts to new features of C# 7.1: default literal expressions, inferred tuple names, async main.

Default literal expressions in C# 7.1

C# 7.1 introduces a little update to default literal expressions that makes them a little bit shorter and on some cases helps us write cleaner and more readable code. This blog post introduces this litlle feature update in C# 7.1.

Inferred tuple names in C# 7.1

Although C# 7.1 hasn’t many new features there are still some convenience hacks I like. One of these is inferred tuple names meaning that we can name tuple members using variable names. It’s not a big change in language but it still makes code a little bit cleaner where tuples are used.

Deep dive to async Main

C# 7.1 introduces asynchronous Main method for console applications. It helps us to get rid of some ugly code to await for asynchronous methods. If Main method of console applications is application flow controller that makes multiple calls to asynchronous methods then async Main leads us to much cleaner code. This blog post is my deep dive to async Main.