OneNote as personal travel guide

How to use OneNote as an excellent travel planning tool and travel guide. Based on my own experiences as almost all my trips are supported by OneNote.

OneNote as personal travel guide: Introduction

When going to travel then well done home work is must be – otherwise you spend a lot of valuable time on trip to find information and do time consuming planning. Poor planning means also way bigger expenses on mobile data traffic and most of your trip will be mess. I had problems like these when I was beginner traveller. For now I have elegant solution to this problem and here is how I use OneNote.

OneNote as personal travel guide: Discovering places

When you know where you want to travel you can start with gathering information. This is time consuming process and I start with this as early as possible. This step in process produces a lot of information and you need some good way how to organize it so you don’t get lost. It’s easy for short trip to somewhere but when you plan to move around about week the situation is totally different. Let’s see how OneNote can help you out here.

OneNote as personal travel guide: Planning

In previous post we gathered and organized information about places we want to visit and we have now pretty good overview about what is where, how we can move around and what delicious things we want to try. It’s time now to make guiding plan for our trip, work out informative pages and share our travel guide with our friends.

OneNote as personal travel guide: Using OneNote on trip

We are ready to go and use OneNote as our main source of information when travelling around. Before going we have to make sure we have our travel guide available in our pockets. We need also some good plan how to use it and how to update it if needed. This posting tells you how to travel with OneNote effectively.