Developing software on Surface Go 2

My previous post about Surface Go 2 was brief introduction based on my own experiences after one month of using it. Surface Go 2 is lightweight machine with limited hardware resources. It’s not your next portable dev machine as it’s more to the tablets world but still there are some software development options to consider before buying Surface Go 2. Here’s my advice.

Surface Go 2 review

Recently I bought Surface Go 2 tablet with Intel M3 CPU and LTE. Surface Go 2 is hybrid device being either tablet or small laptop. It is lightweight and therefore not the option for resource demanding workloads. Consider it more as an complementary device that is hyper-portable and supports you well if you are moving around. But Surface Go 2 is not yet another tablet – it’s more. Different from competiting offers it is not running limited or mobile edition of operating system but full Windows 10. I found Surface Go 2 to be killer device supporting my daily activities…

Connecting Samsung Smart TV to speakers

Few months ago I bought new Samsung smart TV with 43” UHD screen. It’s for small room. Big was my surprise if I found out that it’s not so easy to connect this very smart device to regular speakers as there’s no analog audio output. After visit to local electronics and audio shop my problem got solved. Here’s how to make Samsung Smart TV works with external speakers.

Plex behind IIS reverse proxy

Plex Media Server is ideal free replacement for out-dated Microsoft home media stack. To be honest it’s even more powerful and has some nice features we only dreamed about back in days. One example: remote access to home media. Plex in home network can be available also from public internet and this blog post covers some scenarios where Plex is running behing IIS reverse-proxy.

Boosting performance of Asus RT-N66U

Over time my home network has grown and years are changed also the habits of consuming media at home. When I bought Asus RT-N66U some years ago it was well performing home router. Now came the point when continuing the old way was not an option anymore as things were degraded a lot. Performance boost was needed and here is what I did to get my veteran router back on track.