Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio March 2009 CTP

On Friday Microsoft released March 2009 CTP of Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio. You have to remove previous releases of Azure tools before installing new one. Here is short overview about new stuff in CTP.

New stuff in CTP:

  • Combined installer includes the Windows Azure SDK
  • Addressed top customer bugs
  • Native Debugging of Cloud Service Roles
  • FastCGI Project Template
  • Update Notifications of future releases

Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio includes:

  • C# and VB Project Templates for building Cloud Services
  • Tools to change the Service Role configuration
  • Integrated local development via the Development Fabric and Development Storage services
  • Debugging Cloud Service Roles running in the Development Fabric
  • Building and packaging of Cloud Service Packages
  • Browsing to the Azure Services Developer Portal
  • SSL Certificate selection

So, I start installing now. :)

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Gunnar Peipman

Gunnar Peipman is ASP.NET, Azure and SharePoint fan, Estonian Microsoft user group leader, blogger, conference speaker, teacher, and tech maniac. Since 2008 he is Microsoft MVP specialized on ASP.NET.

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    • October 3, 2009 at 1:00 pm

      Thanx for the valuable information. This azure tools seems to be cool. Please provide its download link.

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