Using Windows Forms DataGridView in .NET Core 3.1

Windows Forms is coming to .NET Core and last version of Visual Studio 2019 Preview comes with form designer built in. There are basic controls available in toolbox but not all out-of-box controls have made their way there. One of these is DataGridView. Although not shown in toolbox, DataGridView still works like expected. Here’s how I made it work.

Building Blazor “Hello, Blinky” IoT application

I thought first my ASP.NET Core edition of Hello, Blinky will be my last Hello, Blinky for long time. But then something reminded me of Blazor and I thought why not build Blazor edition of Hello, Blinky for Windows IoT Core and Raspberry Pi? After some hacking I made it work. Here’s my Hello, Blinky for Blazor.

Reading Windows and Linux memory metrics with .NET Core

Until .NET Core gets its own cross-platform system metrics support I needed something simple to get system memory metrics of servers where ASP.NET Core application is running. I wasn’t able to find a nice solution but I still worked out something to get system memory metrics with .NET Core on Windows and Linux.

Self-contained executable with .NET Core 3.0 on Windows, Linux and Raspberry

.NET Core 3.0 comes with support for self-contained executables. It means we can publish applications as a single executable for specified platform. Also trimming – removing of unused code from assemblies – is supported. This blog post demonstrates how to build self-contained executables using .NET Core.

Installing ASP.NET Core 3.0 on RaspberryPi and Windows 10 IoT Core

ASP.NET Core 3.0 will run on RaspberryPi and other boards out of the box. There are also SDK binaries available in .NET Core 3.0 download page. Having full SDK available on RaspberryPi means that we can now build applications on board. Let’s see how it works.

What’s new in next version of Microsoft Edge

Next version of Microsoft Edge browser is replacing its current rendering engine and in future it will run on Chromium – the same rendering engine used by Google Chrome browser. Edge gets total rework and ends one era in Microsoft history on browsers field. With new browser there will come interesting new features. Here is overview of insiders release of next Microsoft Edge.

Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged

Short post about how to implement INotifyPropertyChanged without using any advanced tooling. I have some small UWP applications where I’m using MVVM to separate presentation and logic. Here is how I use INotifyPropertyChanged with base class for multiple view models.

Browse Windows Subsystem for Linux files with Windows Explorer

Windows Subsystem for Linux is great feature for running Linux programs and trying out multiplatform ASP.NET Core applications under Linux. It is possible to browse and edit files on disks mounted to WSL but it didn’t worked with files on WSL “disks”. With next version of Windows it will change.

Running .NET Core apps on Windows Sandbox

After my first introduction to Windows Sandbox I took one of my ASP.NET Core applications and tried to find a way how to get it quickly to Windows Sandbox and open in browser. This scenario is already possible and it wasn’t hard all to make things work. This blog post shows how to do it.

What is Windows Sandbox

Next major update for Windows will introduce Windows Sandbox. It is temporary lightweight virtual machine that allow users and developers to run programs in isolation. This blog post is overview of Windows Sandbox from developers perspective.