ASP.NET Core and IIS: 502.5 Process Failure 0x80004005 : 80008083

When running ASP.NET Core on IIS one may get weird error Application ‘‘ with physical root ‘’ failed to start process with commandline ‘”dotnet” .\MyApp.dll’, ErrorCode = ‘0x80004005 : 80008083. Here is one and most probable solution for this issue.

Running ASP.NET Core applications on IIS

Preparing for CodeCamp Cluj 2016 I needed to host one ASP.NET Core application on IIS web server. I had one simple box with clean IIS available in my network and I installed my ASP.NET Core application on it. This blog post is simple step by step guide showing how to prepare and configure IIS for ASP.NET Core applications.

Why not use polling threads with ASP.NET web applications?

Often developers ask how to add polling, scheduled tasks and so on to ASP.NET web applications. There are many ways how to do it and there are even more reasons why not to do it. Let’s see what are the problems and how to build services for your web applications wherever they run.

Using client certificates on Windows Azure

In one of current projects we needed to deploy one Windows Azure site that supports SSL and requires client certificates. Until it’s just about deploying SSL site wo Windows Azure there’s nothing complex but when modifying IIS settings is required then some coding is needed. Here is the example.

ASP.NET MVC 3: Intranet Application template

ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update introduced new project template called Intranet Application. The main difference between internet and intranet application templates is the way how users are authenticated. In this posting I will talk about Intranet Application template and compare it to Internet Application template. Also I will give you references to guides that help you configure your intranet application.

Session state can only be used when enableSessionState is set to true, either in a configuration file or in the Page directive

When IIS is not configured properly after creating SharePoint application and there are web parts or features that use session you may get the following error: Unexpected error occured: System.Web.HttpException: Session state can only be used when enableSessionState is set to true, either in a configuration file or in the Page directive. Please also make […]

The program w3wp.exe, with the assigned process ID, could not authenticate locally by using the target name HTTP/WEBSITENAME.

You may face this error when you are running your development environment on virtual server where you have also configured alternate access URL-s.The full message is something like this: “The program w3wp.exe, with the assigned process ID, could not authenticate locally by using the target name HTTP/WEBSITENAME. The target name used is not valid. A target name should refer to one of the local computer names, for example, the DNS host name. Try a different target name.”

Making WIF local STS to work with your ASP.NET application

Making Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) STS test application work with your solution is not as straightforward process as you can read from books and articles. There are some tricks and some configuration modifications you must do to get things work. Fortunately these steps are simple one.

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta supports IIS Express

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Beta and ASP.NET MVC 3 RC2 were both announced today. I made a little test on one of my web applications to see how Visual Studio 2010 works with IIS Express. In this posting I will show you how to make your ASP.NET MVC 3 application work with IIS Express.

Windows Azure: Debug and redeploy your web applications quickly

My previous posting about Windows Azure introduced how to access web role instances using Remote Desktop. In this posting I will show you how your web applications are stored in virtual server where instance is running and how to debug and redeploy your applications quickly.

Deploying ASP.NET MVC 3 web application to server where ASP.NET MVC 3 is not installed

When I wrote my last posting about jQuery Mobile and ASP.NET MVC. I built my sample application on ASP.NET MVC 3. To try it out with friends I put my application up to my web server where I don’t have ASP.NET MVC 3 installed. In this posting I will tell you what files you need […]

IIS Application Warm-Up Module

During one of my sessions I demonstrated how to use IIS Application Warm-Up Module. Some applications need to perform initialization tasks before taking requests from users. Application warm-up module is very good tool for this because it does not depend on script language or any other aspect of web application. In this posting I will show you how to use application warm-up module with simple PHP script.

IIS won’t start – Error 13: The data is invalid.

After restarting my virtual development machine IIS was not able to start anymore. I checked out if there is something reported to Event Viewer and I found the following error message –Error 12: The data is invalid. It turned out that during shutdown of my virtual machine IIS config file was ruined. Solution to my problem was very simple.

IIS SEO Toolkit: Sitemaps overview (illustrated)

IIS SEO Toolkit provides us besides site analysis also with sitemaps management. We can create sitemaps, sitemaps indexes, add URLs to sitemaps and sitemaps to sitemap indexes. Sitemap indexes are useful when you have more complex sitemaps structure (by example, you may have multiple sitemap files for different modules in you system). Sitemaps management is […]

IIS SEO Toolkit: Site analysis overview (illustrated)

As new IIS SEO Toolkit is here it is time now to make some tests with it. And what can be better test material than Microsoft own produced HTML documents? Well, I have my simple and primitive training web site running on my laptop and I think ASP.NET MVC Training Kit is perfect candidate for SEO tests. So, let’s see what SEO Toolkit thinks about it.

New IIS SEO toolkit launched

ScottGu just blogged about the new IIS SEO Toolkit that brings some new SEO features to IIS. You can download it from IIS Toolkit homepage or install it using Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Apache, IIS and 502 proxy error

I have some servers in my network. There is one public Apache server that proxies requests to these servers. These servers are not directly visible from internet. Some of these servers run IIS and ASP.NET web applications. When accessing these servers through internet then sometimes Apache reports a problem: 502 proxy error.