Consuming ASP.NET Web API services from PHP script

I introduced ASP.NET Web API in some of my previous posts. Although Web API is easy to use in ASP.NET web applications you can use Web API also from other platforms. This post shows you how to consume ASP.NET Web API from PHP scripts.

IIS Application Warm-Up Module

During one of my sessions I demonstrated how to use IIS Application Warm-Up Module. Some applications need to perform initialization tasks before taking requests from users. Application warm-up module is very good tool for this because it does not depend on script language or any other aspect of web application. In this posting I will show you how to use application warm-up module with simple PHP script.

Using Windows Azure BLOB storage with PHP

My last posting described how to read and write files located in Windows Azure cloud storage. In this posting I will show you how to do almost same thing using PHP. We will use Windows Azure SDK for PHP. The purpose of this example is to show you how simple it is to use Windows Azure storage services in your PHP applications.

Refactoring: extract method

Extract method is one of the most popular refactoring method when dealing with legacy code. In legacy code we can often find methods that are very long. My favorite findings methods about 2000 lines of code. Cool, isn’t it? Those methods have usually many responsibilities and they are hard to debug. Having more than one responsibility in one method leads also to duplicated code because some responsibility is required in more than one place in code.

Using WCF Services with PHP

I recently wrote two postings on the subject of WCF services: WCF Services – Let’s Get Started and WCF and Unit Tests. One could see that creating and testing services was not complicated at all. Let’s go on and take some steps nearer to the real world – our service is used by SOAP clients running on different platforms.