IIS SEO Toolkit: Sitemaps overview (illustrated)

IIS SEO Toolkit provides us besides site analysis also with sitemaps management. We can create sitemaps, sitemaps indexes, add URLs to sitemaps and sitemaps to sitemap indexes. Sitemap indexes are useful when you have more complex sitemaps structure (by example, you may have multiple sitemap files for different modules in you system). Sitemaps management is […]

IIS SEO Toolkit: Site analysis overview (illustrated)

As new IIS SEO Toolkit is here it is time now to make some tests with it. And what can be better test material than Microsoft own produced HTML documents? Well, I have my simple and primitive training web site running on my laptop and I think ASP.NET MVC Training Kit is perfect candidate for SEO tests. So, let’s see what SEO Toolkit thinks about it.

New IIS SEO toolkit launched

ScottGu just blogged about the new IIS SEO Toolkit that brings some new SEO features to IIS. You can download it from IIS Toolkit homepage or install it using Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

ASP.NET 4.0 SEO features: Description and keywords

Another new SEO feature that ASP.NET 4.0 introduces is support for meta description and keywords. I think these are the most abused SEO features ever and search engines are very careful when considering these meta tags but I am very sure that there are still engines that respect those tags and that’s what makes these new features very useful.

ASP.NET 4.0 SEO features: Response.RedirectPermanent()

ASP.NET 4.0 introduces some SEO improvements. Response has now new method calledRedirectPermanent(). This method performs same redirect as Response.Redirect() but it uses response code 301. You can find more information about HTTP response codes from HTTP 1.1 specification, chapter 10. Status Code Definitions.

Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day

One of my SEO school books is Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day by Jennifer Grappone (The Right Brain) and Gradiva Couzin (The Left Brain). I knew already how and what to do before but this book gave very good plan to follow to get SEO process under strict control. Authors of this book have also web site Your SEO Plan where you can download all process organizing tables in Excel format.


SEO is popular topic nowadays and as ASP.NET is growing its popularity also as platform for public systems. Therefore SEO is going to be more important topic also for ASP.NET developers. The world of SEO is always in rapid change – can you imagine that last year Google published 450 updates to it’s search engine algorithms? Although the field is changing fast there are some key points that has been fundamental and unchanged this far. Let’s see what is the minimum you should do and how you can make your sites more SEO friendly on ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Search Sitemaps – something for SEO

ASP.NET Futures introduced support for search engine sitemaps. This is content detection protocol introduced originally by Google and later accepted also by Microsoft and Yahoo! ASP.NET makes sitemaps generating easy for us and as a bonus their model is perfect for more complex web applications like e-commerce and e-services sites. Let’s see now what we can do.