Silverlight 5 announced!

ust finished watching Silverlight Firestarter event where ScottGu made a keynote where he told about the future of Silverlight. There were some demos of Silverlight by SAP and IIS Media Server 4.0 new features by Chris Knowlton who demoed how to stream webcam pic to desktop, Windows Phone 7 and iPad. There was also demo […]

Using Orca to manage MSI packages

There are many programs that come with MSI installer and not every installer is free of bugs or small problems. If you are building your own installer using Visual Studio you may want to change it before publishing it to users. Here is little overview of my main free tool called Orca.

IL perversions: throwing and catching strings

Inspired by Mohamed Mahmoud’s blog posting How to: Create Interfaces with Static Methods via IL? I wrote another sick example on IL (Intermediate Language) to show you how different is the world behind compilers. Tonight I have enough of exceptions, I want to throw some strings! Let’s do it!

Expert .NET 2.0 IL Assembler

If you want to know how .Net Framework works internally then there is very good book by Serge Lidin – Expert .NET 2.0 IL Assembler. Serge Lidin is author of IL Assembler, IL Disassembler. He is also one of those guys who wrote IL Assembler language specification. So I think he knows the topic very well.

Windows Installer and Extensibility.dll

Windows Installer is one of my favorite problem childs – of course, when it has mysteriuos problems. I found a problem when installing Outlook add-in on machine that has no extensibility features installed on it. Something was missing and installer gave me the famous “Unable to get installer types” error. After pointless waste of time tracing installer and checking its logs I checked out what’s going on in file system.