Example workflow to request songs from radio station

Today I played with WF 4.0 declarative workflows. This posting shows you simple workflow that you can extend to add songs to online radio station queue. My main focus here is workflow and I will provide here no logic for actual queue implementation. You can find here also Visual Studio 2010 sample solution.

Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0: Hello, workflow!

With Visual Studio 2010 we can also try out Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0. This posting introduces simple workflow with one new activity and provides you with some tips how to get Training Kit example running. Also I prepared some screenshots for you to show how new workflow designer looks like.

Using classes for SharePoint workflow association data

I am using workflow with association form in one of my current SharePoint projects. When workflow is added to list there are some parameters that user must insert. Workflow instances are able to persist association data and to be more flexible the association data is saved as XML string. But in the code it is more convenient to use object instead of XML strings. I will show you how I solved the situation.

SharePoint: Clean code for sequential workflow

I put up here SharePoint workflow code for the next times when Visual Studio screws some workflow up. It is easy for me to take working code here and it is easy for you too. To make code more clean I removed unused namespaces and refactored code so it is a little bit easier to read.

TechEd 2008 Developers – Workflow Foundation 4.0

Windows WorkFlow Foundation 4.0 has some new cool things to offer. I visited one of David Chappell sessions where he told us about “Dublin”, “Oslo” and WF 4.0. It was very interesting session and I got all information I expected.