Extreme Programming Explained

Extreme Programming Explained is overview and guide to extreme programming (XP). The author of this book – Kent Beck – is well known XP evangelist with great experiences on the field. XP is not very simple thing to start with when one has worked some years on “classic” way. Kent shows us the way to XP and gives great explanations and suggestion about how to get started with XP.

Extreme Programming Explained is easy to read for everyone. The book is not very hard work to deal with as there is about 160 pages to read. Reader can also find good references to other books to read when this one is finished.

The target audiences of Extreme Programming Explained include software project managers, information system managers and developers who are interested in getting better results than before. Managers can find good information about how to create XP teams. Developers may find very useful advices about how to participate in XP teams. Of course, new working methods are also very interested reading for all readers who want to use XP.

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“Generally speaking, XP changes the way programmers work. The book is good at delineating new roles for programmers and managers who Beck calls "coaches." The most striking characteristic of XP is that programmers work in pairs, and that testing is an intrinsic part of the coding process. In a later section, the author even shows where XP works and where it doesn’t and offers suggestions for migrating teams and organizations over to the XP process.”

Table of contents

  • Foreword.
  • Preface.
  • 1. What is XP?
  • 2. Learning to Drive.
  • 3. Values, Principles, and Practices.
  • 4. Values.
  • 5. Principles.
  • 6. Practices.
  • 7. Primary Practices.
  • 8. Getting Started.
  • 9. Corollary Practices.
  • 10. The Whole XP Team.
  • 11. The Theory of Constraints.
  • 12. Planning: Managing Scope.
  • 13. Testing: Early, Often, and Automated.
  • 14. Designing: The Value of Time.
  • 15. Scaling XP.
  • 16. Interview.
  • 17. Creation Story.
  • 18. Taylorism and Software.
  • 19. Toyota Production System.
  • 20. Applying XP.
  • 21. Purity.
  • 22. Offshore Development.
  • 23. The Timeless Way of Programming.
  • 24. Community and XP.
  • 25. Conclusion.
  • Annotated Bibliography.
  • Index.
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  • Yes I have this book and I have read it (like all the other books I have introduced here). I like this book because it is written very well. I suggest this book if you need good overview of Extreme Programming. All the point made in this book have very well explanations so after reading the topics you understand why and how one or another thing works.

    If you are able to read 50 about pages per day then you will finish this book by the end of the week. :)

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