Getting Results From Software Development Teams

Getting Results From Software Development Teams is book about software projects management. Author of this book, Lawrence J. Peters, is one of the veterans in field who has worked on software projects management over 40 years. I think it is solid experience to share with others.


Getting Results From Software Development Teams is not another witchery book that gives us mysterious advices how to make miracles in projects. Also this book doesn’t go too deep with theory. Through eight solid chapters we get overview of activities of project managers in different project stages.

This book is not easiest reading for sure. You have to think when you read because otherwise you may miss some very important points. All topics in this book appear in logical order that make up a perfect whole. I think this book is mandatory reading for project managers and suggested reading for developers who want to be the best ones. Without understanding other peoples role in project makes it hard to be a good team member.

Table of contents

  1. The Preliminaries
    1. On Software Engineering and Management
    2. Why Is Software So Difficult?
  2. Software Development as a Process
    1. Building the Software Development Team
    2. Developing and Maintaining the Project Plan
  3. Management Methods and Technology
    1. Selecting a Software Development Lifecycle Model: Management Implications
    2. Modeling the Target System
    3. Estimating Project Size, Cost and Schedule
    4. Tracking the Software Project Plan
  4. Managing Software Professionals
    1. Improving Team Performance
    2. Evaluating Software Development Teams
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