Software Estimation – Demystifying the Black Art

Software Estimation – Demystifying the Black Art is another masterpiece by Steve McConnell. I introduced in last june book Code Complete 2 by same author – it is suggested reading for developers. Software Estimation, as title sais, tells about how to estimate software projects. Estimating is not easy thing to do if you want to achieve good estimates.

People who are afraid of another semi-mathematical book of estimation techniques may calm down – this book is for everybody who is interested in topic. There are no "complex stuff" like integrals, derivatives etc.

You can use this book as manual to get started with your own estimation methods and practices. Estimation methods are ordered logically, there are good explanations about different methods and great examples. Your job is only to sit down and get started. :)

Table of contents

  • 1 What is an "Estimate?"
  • 2 How Good an Estimator Are You?
  • 3 Value of Accurate Estimates
  • 4 Where Does Estimation Error Come From?
  • 5 Estimate Influences
  • 6 Introduction to Estimation Techniques
  • 7 Count, Compute, Judge
  • 8 Calibration and Historical Data
  • 9 Individual Expert Judgment
  • 10 Decomposition and Recomposition
  • 11 Estimation by Analogy
  • 12 Proxy Based Estimates
  • 13 Expert Judgment in Groups
  • 14 Software Estimation Tools
  • 15 Use of Multiple Approaches
  • 16 Flow of Software Estimates on a Well-Estimated Project
  • 17 Standardized Estimation Procedures
  • 18 Special Issues in Estimating Size
  • 19 Special Issues in Estimating Effort
  • 20 Special Issues in Estimating Schedule
  • 21 Estimating Planning Parameters
  • 22 Estimate Presentation Styles
  • 23 Politics, Negotiation, and Problem Solving
  • A. Answers to Quiz to Chapter 2
  • B. Bibliography
  • C. Summary of Estimation Tips
  • Index
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