Implementation Patterns

Another great book to read is Implementation Patterns from famous Kent Beck. I found this book to be good addition to Code Complete 2. Code Complete is mostly about readable and manageable code. Implementation Patterns is about code itself – how we are writing classes, methods, loops and other code constructions everyday and what kind of patterns can be drawn out from there.

Implementation Patterns ends with chapter for framework developers. It is must-be reading also for other developers who are working in development teams. Being part of team we must understand that we have same hard work to do as framework developers have – our code must be easily usable for other developers.

Code Complete tells us how to write code that is easy to read for others and ourselves. Implementation Patterns tells us how to write code that is to use for others and ourselves. As a last thing I say the best point found from Implementation Patterns.

Code is one type of communication between people.

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