Too-Smart-Business-Object Anti-Pattern

Building up a good business library is art. Because every bad decision made early will eat project’s time later. Bad decisions will also waste many time of developers who have to use this library in their work. One of the most common mistakes made is mixing DAL functionality to business objects. At first it may seems like a good idea – why not have a smart objects? – but as project goes this solution causes more and more problems. And, be warned, each next problem is worst than previous.

Silver bullet anti-pattern

I will continue my little serie about anti-patterns of decisions and activities that may screw up projects and make developers (and why not also others) life hell. Now let’s look at silver bullet anti-pattern. It is about using unknown tools and technologies in the place where one shouldn’t never do that.

I-Don’t-Care Anti-Pattern

It is easy to find articles and blog entries about patterns, design and good practices. But there are not so much information about anti-patterns. One of the worst anti-patterns is what I call I-Don’t-Care Anti-Pattern.