Speaking at CodeCamp Cluj 2016

There will be Romanian CodeCamp event at Cluj on 19.11.2016 and I’m invited there with my Windows IoT Core and eisbock brewing presentation. Talking about building real-life solutions is one of my favorite things and for CodeCamp Cluj I have prepared nice presentation that makes attendees think about good things like beer and be more innovative when thinking about things around us that can be automated.

Speaking at TechDays 2016 NL!

This year again I have honour to speak at TechDays 2016 Netherlands. It is well organized event with very good and interesting content. I was speaking there year ago and I had only good experiences with this event. This year it is held in RAI Center at Amsterdam in the beginning of October – 04-05.10.2016. This blog post tells why it is important to visit this event and why it is important to come to my Azure deep-dive session.

New presentations: Application Insights, Azure Search and Windows 10 IoT

I’m glad to announce some new presentations for conferences happening next year. I have held strong research focus lately on Microsoft Azure and Windows IoT and therefore my new presentations cover mostly these topics. All these new presentations are in big part technical demos that illustrate technologies mentioned.

Speaking at SDC 2014

Next week I have honor to speak at Software Development Conference 2014. It is held on 01-02.12 at Arnhem, Netherlands. I have sessions on both days – in total four sessions – and here is the short overview of these. It’s all mostly about ASP.NET, ASP.NET vNext, and cloud but there’s also something about legacy code. I hope you will join me!

Speaking at Code Camp 2014, Macedonia

This year I have honor to be a speaker at Code Camp 2014, Macedonia. It’s one of the biggest developers event in Macedonia. I have been in Macedonia as a speaker once before but it was community evening and not a big conference. This time I come to Skopje with new ASP.NET vNext. In this post I will give short overview about digital hell I prepared for Macedonian techies.

Speaking at Sinergija14

I’m glad to announce that I will be speaker at Sinergija14 conference at Belgrade, Serbia this year. Techies part of event takes place 21-22.10 at Crone Plaza Hotel. Sinergija is the largest and most influential annual conference in South Eastern Europe dedicated to information – communication technologies and their business applications.

My second session at KulenDayz 2014

Organizers of KulenDayz contacted me and asked for one more presentation. Their choice takes you to the engine on SaaS-based portals running on Windows Azure. As this presentation is based on real-life experiences I think it’s valuable source of information for those who are planning something more complex on Windows Azure. Here’s the short overview of this presentation.

Speaking at KulenDayz 2014

I’m glad to announce that I’m speaking at KulenDayz 2014 about next version of ASP.NET and demonstrate some new and cool stuff it brings to us. Most of content is about changes to current ASP.NET and the way we build and run web applications. Of course, I make demos too to illustrate my talk. This post introduces my ASP.NET vNext presentation.

Speaking at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp, Sofia

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaker at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at Sofia, Bulgaria this year. I have two real-life based presentations there (you know well I don’t like those hello-world-presentations) and I have some valuable field information plus real-life code to share with you. Here’s few words about my presentations.

First meeting with Chisinau community

First destination in my Balkans trip this year was Chisinau, the capitol of Moldova. We arranged meeting there with local community and prepared some presentations for them because it’s always fun to meet and to do something with different communities. Chisinau was cool and we had a very nice day with local community. Here’s what happened there.

DevReach 2013

DevReach 2013 is over and I am back home from my this autumn’s Balkans tour. This year DevReach was held at new venue, had pre-cons day and first time I saw also books table there. Although there were not much my level hardcore sessions I’m still very happy with those softer ones I took because a lot of information I got is applicable in my daily work life. Here’s my little overview of DevReach 2013.

Speaking at Sinergija13

Only few weeks are left before Sinergija13 conference starts in Belgrade, Serbia. As organizers chose me as one of speakers I have some presentations to do there and it would be nice to see you all there.

First meeting with Plovdiv community

One of new destinations of my Balkans trip this autumn was Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We met there with local developers community, had some presentations and after that was beerworking networking. There’s something special about Plovdiv community that makes me want to get back there. Here’s the overview of Plovdiv community and some words about what we did together.

My MVP continued

During my autumn trip to Balkans I got one fancy e-mail from Microsoft – my MVP title is continued. This means that my sixth year as MVP has started. As for every other MVP year I have some plans and some goals to achieve. Here’s short overview of my new MVP year.

Sessions I plan to visit at TechDays 2013 Belgium

As I’m going to TechDays 2013 Belgium I made my first plans about sessions I want to visit. It’s always good idea to make some home work before event because it is the only way how to make good decisions. Here is the list of sessions I plan to visit.

Let’s go to TechDays 2013 Belgium!

Last autumn I found some very good presentations from Channel9 and they all were made during TechDays 2012 Netherlands and Belgium. One of those sessions was even so useful that I made some updates to my community presentations I worked on. This year I will visit TechDays 2013 Belgium to get better idea what is […]

DevReach 2012

Our next stop after Varna was Sofia where DevReach happens. DevReach is one of my favorite conferences in Europe because of sensible prices and strong speakers line-up. Also they have VIP-party after conference and this is good event to meet people you don’t see every day, have some discussion with speakers and find new friends.

Community event in Varna, Bulgaria

Second stop in my DevReach 2012 trip was at Varna. We had not much time to hang around there but this problem will get fixed next year if not before. But still we had sessions there with Dimitar Georgijev and I had also chance to meet local techies. Next time we will have more tech and beers for sure!

Speaking at Sinergija12

Next week I will be speaker at Sinergija12, the biggest Microsoft conference held in Serbia. The first time I visited Sinergija it was clear to me that this is the event where I should go back. Why? Because technical level of sessions was very well in place and actually sessions I visited were pretty hardcore. Now, two years later, I will be back there but this time I’m there as speaker.

Community event at Bucharest, Romania

My second trip was to DevReach with two stops. My first stop was at Bucharest where I met with my friend Dimitar Georgiev who is one of authors of Gym Realm service. Romanian MVP Andrei Ignat was our host there and organized meeting with local community guys. With me – it was first time in my life – was one more guy from Estonia visiting DevReach and he made the whole trip with me.

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