Hiding search suggestion in Search Results Web Part

I have page in SharePoint where users can search for specific type of items and see different results in Search Results Web Parts. The page I have has eight results web parts and when nothing is found I want to keep results web parts laconic and minimal so they don’t waste space on screen.

Getting started with SharePoint Framework

I started learning SharePoint Framefork (SPFx) to get better on client-side development for Office 365. I decided to go with SharePoint Framework as it has simple lightweight tooling available and also because it is well documented. This blog post is short and practical introduction to SPFx and it brielfy summarized everything important you need to know to get your first client-side web part up and running.

Triggering Azure Functions from Office 365 SharePoint using Microsoft Flow

We cannot use classic SharePoint workflows on Office 365 but using Microsoft Flow we can create new era flow applications that are triggered by events that happen in different sources. This blog post shows how to use Microsoft Flow and Azure Functions to send out e-mail when new meeting is added to SharePoint list. The idea of this blog post is to illustrate how to create the flow where custom code takes over in some point.

Querying incosistent SharePoint lists using SPSiteDataQuery

Site data query is powerful querying mechanism in SharePoint. We can use it to query data from multiple lists in web or over webs hierarchy. But it works well only until lists or content types are consistent by structure and there are now bad hacks or tricks made by power users. But how to survive the worst case – lists with messed up fields? I have quick temporary solution to provide.

Test-running SharePoint timer job using console application

SharePoint timer jobs can be inconveniet to debug as you have to attach debugger to OWSTIMER.EXE after deployment. Often you must restart this process so it starts using latest version of your assemblies. When building something complex we want to run our code many times to see how it works and if there are errors. But deploying, attaching to debugger and so on – is there easier way to run timer job? Yes, there is!

Why professional in-house content management matters?

Managing content on professional level in company’s intranet and extranet sites is very important. Often companies underestimate the importance of information quality and instead focusing on improving it they try to find other ways how to make people use materials provided through these sites. In this posting I will go through main problems related to […]

Moving to SharePoint (My Way)

Let’s start with my Business Tuesday series where I introduce my business and how we work. Moving to SharePoint can be done many ways but most of them guarantee you any success on it. SharePoint is technically complex platform and those sad businesses and techies who start fighting with it will usually loose the battle. But how to move to SharePoint the way you get results instead of bad headaches? This is how I do it.

SharePoint 2013 Autohosted apps

MSDN subscribers can activate Office 365 developers benefit that gives them free Office 365 development instance for year. If you have this subscription then you can use your local Visual Studio to develop new style applications and then run and test them on Office 365 environment. In this posting I will introduce you hybrid development of Office 365 SharePoint applications.

SharePoint 2013 app hosting models

SharePoint 2013 introduces new application model that externalizes all custom code from SharePoint environment and keeps SharePoint environment this way clean of bad code and hacks in system files. It seems that new app model will dominate over next versions of SharePoint. In this posting I will introduce you new application model and describe different deployment models.

Anatomy of Office 365 public blog

As I found no easy ways how to make public blog on Office 365 more user and SEO friendly I tried to find other and more technical ways how to accomplish problems. Although it seems like there is not much to do about usability I still found some interesting details about technical side of public blog. Let’s dig deeper.

Office 365 public blogs overview

This post is another one in series about discovering Office 365 public SharePoint sites. This time I will stop at blog that is set up with default site. Blog is good format for easy-to-produce free format content and many companies have blogs for this reason. In this posting I will make first overview of blogs offered with Office 365 public sites.

Moving SharePoint 2010 web application to claims-based authentication

Lately I migrated one intranet site from SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010. During migration moving to claims-based authentication (CBA) was also needed. In this posting I will show you how to move those NTLM accounts to CBA with couple of simple steps.

What is claims-based authentication?

Before going on with my other posts I want to introduce you claims-based authentication that makes is way to almost all Microsoft web-based platforms around. It is more complex than old username-password method but also more secure and general. In this posting I will give you short and not very technical overview about claims-based authentication.

Office 365 new public sites

As I got my Office365 developers benefit activated I decided to try out if public sites on SharePoint are ready for real use or not. The progress is markable and although Microsoft is extremely careful with activating functionalities on public sites there’s still lot of work done and I think it’s worth to take a look at new version of public sites. Here is my first quick overview.

SharePoint 2010 Data Form Web Part can’t render Created Date and throws StackOverflowException

After migrating content database from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 one of pages with data form web part gave the following errors: Failed to render Field Created_x0020_Date, use default value instead and Error while executing web part: System.StackOverflowException: Operation caused a stack overflow. Although I found no simple click-and-save solution to problem there’s still way how to solve the issue bu subclassing Data Form Web Part and overriding some properties. Here’s the solution that worked for me.

Error: The value cannot be an empty string. Parameter name: xmlFile

You may get the following error when building publishing sites hierarchy: “Provisioning did not succeed. Details: Failed to completely create the subsite ‘http://siteurl’. OriginalException: Invalid value. The value cannot be an empty string. Parameter name: xmlFile” Here’s the solution.

Hide ribbon using SPSecurityTrimmedControl

In one of my current SharePoint 2010 Foundation projects I needed to hide ribbon from anonymous users. Visitors, contributors etc must see ribbon on all pages where it shown by default. In this posting I will show you how to hide ribbon usingSPSecurityTrimmedControl.

Making SharePoint 2010 Foundation top menu using submenu popups

By default SharePoint 2010 Foundation menus are not hierarchical and we have to move from site to site using top menus or quick launch menus. In this posting I will show you how to make SharePoint 2010 Foundation top menu hierarchical so it shows submenus when user moves over menu items with mouse.

Creating custom menus to SharePoint sites

Sometimes we need custom menus in our SharePoint sites. In this posting I will show you how to add custom xml-based menu to your master page and make it work with SharePoint.

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