TemperatureStation: My Windows 10 IoT Core solution on Github

I published to Github sample temperature measuring solution that runs on Windows 10 IoT Core and that is built on Visual Studio. Source code with basic documentation is available too. This demo project is there to give some starting point to those who are visiting my Brewing Eisbock with Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT sessions in different conferences.

TemperatureStation solution is here: https://github.com/gpeipman/TemperatureStation

This is the first release and therefore it is pretty laconic. But it works and it can be used with multiple temperature sensors. I’m working currently on porting over other more complex functionalities for measuring freezing liquids.


  • Supports multiple temperature sensors (DS18B20)
  • Easy to add support for other sensors
  • Simple web based UI for defining measuring sessions and monitoring temperatures
  • Simple authentication system (possible to extend to external login providers)
  • IoT service automatically registers sensors to web UI

Coming soon

  • Better reporting
  • More parameters for measurements
  • Freezing related measurements
  • Support for Postgres and MySQL
  • More documentation

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