Presentation: Brewing Eisbock with Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT with Raspberry PI is one of Microsoft’s visions of IoT in Windows world. IoT is not only for big industries and manufacturers – it’s also for you if you have ideas what to automate or improve at home or your work place.

This presentation focuses on real-life IoT system that supports brewing eisbock beer. Sample device is built on Raspberry PI and Windows 10 IoT. It includes also temperature sensors to measure beer and ambient temperature. There is Windows 10 Universal Application that allows to control the process and read metrics from Raspberry PI. Data from Raspberry PI will be later visualized using charts. The presentation goes through all steps of building such solution.

Target audience: developers, architects
Technical level: 300
Slides/demos: 20/80
Duration: choose between 1h or 2h version

Topics covered

  • Windows 10 IoT on RaspberryPi 2
  • Windows 10 IoT background services
  • Communicating with connected sensors
  • Using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Using Stream Analytics to process sensors data
  • Visualizing sensors data in web, desktop and mobile using Power BI
  • Reading sensors data from Universal Windows Applications

Source code available. My on-going work on beer IoT is available for free at GitHub repository gpeipman/TemperatureStation.

Teaser content

Selection of outstanding eisbock beers from Germany
Selection of outstanding eisbock beers from Germany

Raspberry PI and other electronics
Hardware used in this presentation

The actual device with thermal sensors. Works also in subzero temperatures.
Easily portable and installable.

Universal application to monitor cooling processPower BI mobile application.
Custom Windows 10 Universal Application on left and Power BI Windos Phone 10 application on right showing temperature sensors data.



From Beer IoT series

Linux and Mono (by Jan Tielens)


  • Christopher Randmaa (electronics stuff)
  • Tomáš Greňo (excellent materials about RaspberryPi and electronics)
  • Fredrik Rinsén (Rinsen.OneWire library for Windows 10 IoT)

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