Post series

ASP.NET Core Logging

My posts about logging in ASP.NET Core and some source of some loggers like Syslog logger and fallback logger that supports falling back from main logger to backing one when logging to main logger fails.

Azure Search quick start

Some writings about Microsoft Azure Search service.

Beer IoT

Series of posts about how I built simple beer monitoring solution using Raspberry Pi, Windows 10 IoT Core and Microsoft Azure. I am using this system to monitor how beer is freezing when I brew eisbock beer. Solution and its source code is free for everybody.

Code contracts

Deep-dive to code contracts and their internals. Examples supported buy source code.

Compiled queries in Entity Framework Core 2.0

How compiled queries work in Entity Framework Core 2.0 and how to use them in practice.

Enum to JavaScript

Posts introducing some ideas about how to get C# enums to JavaScript on ASP.NET Core.

Multi-tenant ASP.NET Core

Some writings about my work on multi-tenant ASP.NET Core web applications. Ideas and some pieces of proof-of-concept level code to use in real applications.

New features in C# 7.0

Deep-dive posts to new features of C# 7.0.

New features in C# 7.1

Deep-dive posts to new features of C# 7.1.

New features in C# 7.2

Deep-dive posts to new features of C# 7.2.

OneNote as personal travel guide

How to use OneNote as an excellent travel planning tool and travel guide. Based on my own experiences as almost all my trips are supported by OneNote.

Writing object to object mapper

This series is documented guide to how I wrote simple and performant object to object mapper.