Multitenant web applications with ASP.NET Core

It’s a dawn on cloud era and many systems around the world are moving to cloud. Every new day brings new cloud based services to market. This presentation helps attendees to jump to SaaS systems band wagon and focuses on design, architecture and implementation of multitenant ASP.NET Core applications. The goal is to provide the audience with elegant real-world knowledge they can apply already next day at work. Demos show how different techniques work in practice, also how to deploy and run multi-tenant web applications on Microsoft Azure.

Target audience: developers, architects
Technical level: 300
Slides/demos: 30/70
Sample solution: coming soon to GitHub!


  • Architecture of multitenant applications
  • Supporting shared and dedicated databases
  • Supporting multiple authentication providers
  • Automatic setup and configuring of tenants
  • Deploying multitenant applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Demos, demos, demos!

Presentation slides

Support materials