Building future web applications with Blazor

Blazor is new WebAssembly based web technology by Microsoft. It combines modern browser technologies, .NET Core and Visual Studio professional tooling to enable developers build highly performant and responsive web applications. This presentation is deep-dive to Blazor introducing different application types, internals of Blazor applications, advanced scenarios and cloud integration options.

Target audience: web developers, architects
Technical level: 300
Slides/demos: 20/80
Duration: 45-60 min

Full source code for Blazor presentation is available in my Github repository


  • What is WebAssembly?
  • What is Blazor?
  • Application types and templates
  • Pages, components and shared components
  • Dependency injection
  • Forms and validation
  • JavaScript interop
  • Debugging Blazor applications
  • Using Azure services with Blazor
  • Enterprise cloud applications with Blazor

Interesting pieces

  • How to build shared Blazor components
  • How to use JavaScript interop with C# actions and JavaScript callbacks
  • Using code-behind files with Blazor pages and components
  • Azure AD authentication using ADAL.js
  • Using Azure Functions with Azure AD authentication from client-side Blazor application