Deep-Dive to Application Insights

Do you know what goes on in your applications? Are you able to use log files and be two steps ahead of problems? Most popular answer to these questions is “no”. With Application Insights telemetry service Microsoft is trying to change the situation and give you very good idea about how your applications are actually doing. And better yet, you can define your own custom telemetry.

This presentation is row of demos that introduce how to use Application Insights, how it works and how to build your own application telemetry on top of it. Two surprise demos show audience some case studies how to use Application Insights to plan hosting of global web site and how to support sales and logistics departments in real-time.

Target audience: Web developers, architects, testers, support
Technical level: 300
Slides/demos: 10/90
Duration: 1h


  • Why application telemetry
  • Short introduction to Application Insights
  • Getting started with Application Insights
  • Tracking exceptions
  • Tracing and measuring external dependencies
  • Monitoring site availability
  • Using custom events
  • Continuous export

Teaser content

Application Insights: Example of reports
Application Insights dashboard and one report open.

Application Insights: Sample solution
Fragment on code in Visual Studio showing how custom event is defined.

Application Insights: Making business people happy
Telemetry data used in Power BI to visualize sales in real time.