Modern era digital signing on SharePoint

Digital signing is getting more and more popular. One of the early adopters was Estonia where ID-card and related technologies can be used for signing documents and authenticating users in web and in sales terminals. This presentation shows how Estonian companies are using digital signing with SharePoint on-premises and cloud solutions. Technical examples cover digital signing on in-premises and cloud environments. There are also examples about complex workflows where digital signing is involved. The goal of this presentation is to show how much can be done and how much time can be saved when using nowadays technologies with SharePoint.

Target audience: developers and ITPRO
Technical level: 200/300
Slides/demos: 30/70
Duration: 1h

Topics covered

  • Short overview of ID-cards and digital signing in Europe
  • Short overview of Estonian digital ID
  • Signing documents on SharePoint using ID-card and mobile-ID
  • Working with digitally signed documents
  • Building digital signing workflows

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