Working with Vision API Of Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services bring us powerful but easy to use cloud services that could be hard to build, host and maintain on-premises. This presentation focuses on computer vision API. Practical demos introduce different services like face and emoption detection and analyzing what’s on picture. Full working source code of demos is available for all attendees.

Target audience: developers and innovators
Technical level: 300
Slides demos: 20/80


  • Face detection
  • Identifying people
  • Detecting emotions
  • Analyzing images, finding objects, describing activities
  • Practical use cases


The Beatles are detected!

Sample solution

Demo application for this presentation is freely available in my GitHub repository gpeipman/CognitiveServicesDemo. To try it out, Microsoft Azure account is needed. For needed services there is free tier available and this is enough to get all things work that demo application uses.

Support materials