What’s new in ASP.NET Core?

Introductory presentation about ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core will be totally different from ASP.NET we are using today. There are many changes in internals, tooling, and at runtime level. This presentation uses demos to introduce new features in ASP.NET Core. Special section is for developers who plan to move their current web applications to ASP.NET Core.

Target audience: web developers, architects
Technical level: 300

Topics covered

  • Short overview of ASP:NET Core
  • Minimal ASP.NET Core application
  • ASP.NET middleware components
  • Framework level dependency injection
  • View injection
  • View components
  • Logging
  • Testing
  • Migrating existing applications to ASP.NET Core


Yes, it’s ASP.NET Core and no, it’s not your daddy’s Windows

ASP.NET Core on Windows 10

Yes, it’s ASP:NET Core and no, it’s not Windows

ASP.NET Core on Linux


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