November, 2007

How to connect Business Data Catalog (BDC) lists to other SharePoint lists

Recently I had to create Web Part connection between BDC based list and usual SharePoint list. BDC list was provider and usual SharePoint list was consumer. I was pretty surprised if found out that I was able to connect BDC based list only to other BDC based Web Parts. All the other Web Parts were not able to be consumers for them. Same time BDC lists were able to be consumers of the other web parts.

C# extension methods

One of new cool features that will be available in C# 3.0 are extension methods. Extension methods will allow us to extend existing classes with new functionality. In this example I will show you how to extend System.string with two methods that are very popular in PHP: nl2br() and md5().

C# automatic properties

C# 3.0 makes it very convenient to create properties that doesn’t carry any functionalities besides returning value of attribute and assigning value to it. This new feature is called automatic properties.