April, 2008

SharePoint: Get better performance when getting list items

Another day, another solved mystery. Developers have interesting lifes as long as there are problems to solve. Another surprise from SharePoint – how to bog server down using only couple of lines of code? Of course, I have solution too that eliminates the issue.

Unity and singletons

I just putted up Unity behind my test project and had some troubles with singletons. There is some misleading information in documentation you should be aware of.

How to bulletproof the loops?

Here is one example about how to bulletproof the loops. This example holds well for legacy code and – of course – for hurry-written-code (that might be the current one, unfortunately).

Using Version Class

When dealing with version numbers we often need to convert them to string and vice versa. There is lot of code where versions are handled manually in code. I don’t know why. But I know for sure there is class called Version and I’m sure this class will help us a lot. Let’s see a little example.