September, 2008

Getting items from SharePoint lists

In this posting I will show how to get data from SharePoint lists and libraries. There are some ways to do it and itโ€™s only good to know how to select correct method.

ForEach method and blonde me

I want to tell you about List.ForEach method and one of my famous blonde moments when I was debugging faulty code. LINQ makes it easy to query collections and that’s why I like it a lot. Today is friday and weekend is coming. Let’s relax and have some fun on me. Here’s one proof how n00b I can be ๐Ÿ™‚


Recently I readed a book titled as ProBlogger: Secrets Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. Authors of this book are Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett – the veterans of commercial blogging business. Darren is also owner of the famous ProBlogger site and b5media.

Professional SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management Development

One great SharePoint book in my company bookshelf is titled as Professional SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management Development: Building Publishing Sites with Office SharePoint Server 2007. This book is written by famous SharePoint guru Andrew Connell and in my opionion it is one of those very useful books about SharePoint you must have. So, let’s see what we can find from this book.

DocumentShow extension for SharePoint

We finished today one interesting SharePoint extension. We call it DocumentShow extension and it allows you to show HTML files in document library as slide show. In our case the customer wanted to show some reports on large LCD screen located in one of his office rooms.

Connecting to SharePoint and using elevated rights

But let’s start with basic stuff and let’s play with lists a little bit. So, let’s open Visual Studio and create a new … guess what … console application! It is not some bad joke. We need something to run our code and display some information. There is no point to create web parts or custom pages we have to deploy to our server just to get sone output. Console application is also great example about how to write external utilities that interact with SharePoint.

Introduction to SharePoint Data Structures

Data in SharePoint is different than in our usual object-oriented applications. If we want to deal with data in SharePoint we have to understand how data is organized there. This is one of the key points to successful SharePoint projects.

SharePoint Development Environment

In this blog entry I will tell you how to put everything up and what tools we are using for which tasks. Well, if you read further then you have something to do for couple of evenings. Let’s start!

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

ASP.NET Dynamic Data is one of those technologies I have been keeping eye on. With .Net 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is fully available. Let’s see how it works and how we can use it.