Windows Azure Developer Porta screenshots

I am writing currently one simple web application that runs on usual hosting environment and also on Azure environment. Web application is already hosted in CodePlex and during next two months I will publish application binaries and also source code. I tested my application in Azure environment and here are some screenshots I made.

Windows Azure: Starting with new project
Starting with new project
Windows Azure: Project dashboard
Project dashboard
Windows Azure: Deployment form
Deployment form
Windows Azure: Files are ready to upload
Files are ready to upload
Windows Azure: Upload is in progress
Upload is in progress
Windows Azure: Package deployment
Package deployment
Windows Azure: Allocating instances
Allocating instances
Windows Azure: Initializing instances
Initializing instances
Windows Azure: Application started
Application started

Note one thing. In 7th and 8th screenshot there is number 2 written after current activity on a grey bar. Last screenshot has number 1 there. The point is simple. On my development machine I configured my web application to use two application instances. On Azure environment only once instance is allowed for me. That’s where is the difference.

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